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History has given the Catalans a fiercely independent spirit, and they are a very proud race. This can come across in conversation or manner as dismissive and it is something you must be warned about and will become accustomed to. Do not take it personally. The Catalans are courteous, businesslike, conservative and welcoming, but with little of the flamboyance of their Spanish neighbours. In the Mediterranean way, they know how to take life slowly, but also how to get things done.


Although Spanish is still universally understood, it is Catalan that you are most likely to see and hear on the streets. Many Catalan words look like their equivalents in French of Spanish, but the sound of the language is utterly distinct. Nearly everyone speaks Spanish as their second language, and in cities and towns you will find a lot of people can speak English. It is always good to learn some of the lingo before you travel, and they will really appreciate it, so invest in a little phrase book and learn some basic vocabulary.

The House


Tap water is generally safe to drink but mineral water is cheap and easy to buy in bulk at the supermarket.


The power supply in Spain is 220-225 volts. Sockets at the house accept two round style pin plugs.


The house has a good security system and you will be given keys and instructions prior to your stay.


There is good wifi throughout the house, although the house is rural, so it can be slower to access. A useful website before you come to check out places to visit is